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During your stay in Spedion Villa you have the opportunity to have a tour in interesting museums, explore fascinating archeological sites, get to know landscapes of sublime natural beauty and visit picturesque villages unalterable in time as well as solemn churches.



Discover the life of Neolithic period through findings that date back in 6000BC with a visit to Diro Neolithic Civilization Museum or visit the ancient theater in Gytheio where it is said that Paris lived his love with Helen of Troy right after her abduction. Travel back in Byzantine times through the museum housed in Pikoulakis Tower and know the history of Mani at the renovated and ambient Tzannetakis-Grigorakis Tower.



Gaze at the endless blue of the Aegean Sea from the southernmost part of mainland Greece, the enchanting Cape Tenaro and lose yourselves in the beauty of the most impressive lake cave in Europe, the Diro cave. Enjoy the sea beauties in the “unbeatable twosome” of Laconia, the coastal settlements Marmari and Porto Cagio which will leave you astonished! If you love History, the fortified town of Mistras constitutes a real time machine that will get you to the times of Byzantium and Paleologoi while Aeropoli will bring in your mind heroic moments of Revolution given that it is the homeland of the fearless Mavromihalis family. Even for the most demanding travelers, the timeless charm of Monemvasia and plenty of other sights such as the Kelafa Castle built by the pirate Gerakaris and the picturesque Limeni are destinations that create unforgettable memories that stay forever.


Churches and monasteries

The entire Laconia and especially the area of Mani, is full of churches and monasteries that date back in Byzantine years. The Monastery of Panagia of Elona is “perched” on the rock, the byzantine church of Faneromeni of Dryalos, built in 1079 as well as the monastery of Panagia Giatrissa are only some of the sights that attract believers and tourists throughout the year.

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